Aquapicture offers image acquisition and distribution via online

media. All pictures are stored digitally and contain embedded geographic location reference, and keywords. We mainly provide free reference access to contribution NGO’s within China and Asia but will operate with subscription-based access to media channels in general. The archive will eventually be searchable by keywords in both Chinese and English via the website and can also be located using a geographic interactive map (coming in 2010).

If you are an European business involved with environmental issues, who requires photographic images to document your activities, if you are a government and non government organisations, or work in news media, Aquapicture can provide you with high quality images on a variety of water related & environmental issues.

We provide the following service:
- geo-tagging of existing images (using GPS data)
- key wording service (both Mandarin and English)
- keyword translation service from Chinese to English for partners
- mapping of pictures into a digital geographic map service.


Mapping the environment & changes of water resources in Asia